Designed to nurture your talent while encouraging business growth, Yellow Brick facilitate challenging, project-based internships for graduates and post-graduates eager to apply their qualifications within a practical context. We can offer you internship opportunities across a diverse range of working environments in Jersey, with a focus on pro-actively identifying specialised project opportunities suited to you.  

We also aim to facilitate the development of your skills once you have been accepted as a Yellow Brick intern. There will be opportunities for you to undertake project management training, and in some cases role-specific training. Furthermore, throughout the internship programme, mentoring support will be offered to you as well as your employer in order to secure quality results at an individual and organisational level. 

As the economy in Jersey starts to show signs of growth, it is clear that you will have real opportunities to apply your recent learning in exciting project roles. You’ll be able to do this, secure in the knowledge that you’ll be supported throughout the internship. 

The programme is already proving to be very popular, so if you’ve graduated in the last 2 years or are due to complete your studies in 2015 we encourage you to register today.