“Yellow Brick offers an opportunity for graduates and employers to combine their energy and passion in a structured manner that delivers real benefits at a personal, business and community level.” Sally Gallichan, Programme Manager for Yellow Brick. 

In recent years, there has been a tendency for local graduates to delay their return to the island following graduation; the Yellow Brick programme will look to engage with locally qualified students and undergraduates alike, as well as those who have recently graduated, to raise awareness of the range of employment opportunities on the island.  

We offer challenging, project-based, graduate internships for graduates and post-graduates across a diverse range of working environments in Jersey, creating the opportunity for talented graduates to secure paid roles. The programme has been designed to nurture local talent and encourage business growth, supporting the selection and recruitment of graduates, so that participating organisations can remain focused on their core business. 

We are particularly eager to work with local employers who have very specific needs, as well as with graduates who are eager to have the opportunity to apply their degree within a practical context. 

Employers wishing to become involved with the Yellow Brick programme will be offered support through all stages of the recruitment and selection process as they select the right intern for their project. Once an intern is appointed, support will continue.  

We welcome the opportunity to speak with employers who would like to hear more about the programme and how we might be able to provide support for a project-based internship. The programme includes, as standard, a thorough vetting process of all prospective interns so that the integrity of the programme can be maintained at all times. Initial enquiries are welcome, so register today and we will be happy to discuss how a Yellow Brick intern could make a difference to your organisation. 

Yellow Brick aims to provide equality of opportunity whilst respecting the diversity and unique talents within our local communities.